Nuno Felting Workshop

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 For a change, instead of teaching a workshop I took one! Yeah. After weeks of shows and getting a lot of work ready, photographing and listing things on Etsy and such I took a day for myself to learn more about Nuno felting which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages.

I had found Wabi Sabi in Ottawa and found this class in one of the emails they send out with their classes listed.

Here is Tonia with the owner, Carol, in the doorway, giving us an outline of what we are going to spend our day doing and showing us a couple of examples.

One of Tonia’s vests.

This is undyed prefelt being stretched a bit after cutting slits in it..the slits become holes.

This is my piece of prefelt which had been pre dyed…I loved the colour and the unevenness of it, darks and lights with some pink splodges.

This is the owners’ dog ‘Jam’, so named because he’s always in one!

He spent some time on the shelf under my table, must have liked the rocking when I rolled! Took my own pool noodle.
 A couple of hours of rolling, checking, changing, rolling, checking…..

Rinsed and spun, still damp and I’m wondering where I will place the armholes.

The colours become more subtle when it dries.

One of the other participants with her efforts which she decided to leave as a shawl with no armholes.

Close up of the felting of wool with the silk georgette I had in my stash which I took with me.

Finished garment …. with armholes.

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