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A fun thing that happened at the recent Wearable Art Show was Steve Di Monte the photographer taking pics all day, each day. CYL Photography is his studio. Then on after the last fashion show he went around saying he would do a quickie photo shoot of any of our work for a small fee…here are two of the ones he took of my newest designs.
This is a photo of a new thing I tried from a design I already liked, thought I’d try to work it in my own way. I started out with red yarn and a red plastic zip but thought I might not have enough red to finish. I also got bored with the red and knew I needed a pop of another colour so I worked the left front and left sleeve in Cerise, and changed the zip…added a pocket and some interesting detail at the back….I’ll get it up on my web site.

I have this one in Black with White stripes…I did make it as stock but decided to keep it for myself…as a sample. This one has matching buttons at the front and, though they aren’t visible here, the side slits and slits in the sleeves are faced in different colours which are reflected in the buttons I made. I wanted a cute bit of back interest with the shaping.
It was so nice to have a model in a couple of my pieces, though these were taken outside on the front steps, with drizzle happening and packing up going on!

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to shoot with your designs. It was a crazy late afternoon to shoot but it all worked out.

    Your clothing line is amazing and I know Linda (the model) was liking what she was posing in.

    A pleasure to meet with you!

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