Fluffies Fledged!!


No more ‘fly by night’ tales after this post, the
robins are fledged and these are the last pics of

A couple of days later they are definitely suffering from overcrowding. I think someone must be standing on robin #4’s head! As soon as I took this picture they flew off and a day or so later we dismantled the nest so we could have use of our bedroom screen door!

“Hey, guys, look…. there’s a world out there”.

Baby robin enjoying my pansies.

There is a sparrow who is sure there’s still time to create a family in the roof vent over my studio and though we’re not sure what’s going on there, he’s really noisy.

The robins are now flying around chasing Mum for food, the doves, it seems, gave up but the grackles didn’t. How do I know this? The piles of fresh bird droppings on my car now that they have redoubled their efforts to keep their offspring alive.

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