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Travel for Work & Play…Roaming & Roving.

Who’d a thunk it. On vacation and I didn’t pack my sock knitting stuff…on purpose. First…there are too many ball of yarn to pack as I knit my socks from about a dozen different self patterning balls each. Second, thought I’d give my left thumb and wrist a rest. Anyway, I’ve got to spend time…

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Felting My Way Forward

It’s been a busy Summer and I can’t believe we’re into September…however, a wonderful paddle with the group SUP Kingston on my paddle board this morning was just the height of Summer. It was so good to get out as I had spent last week indoors mostly at a workshop with Australian felter Pam de…

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Getting Personal – Work Related Health Issues.

There are many health concerns that go along with doing what we artists and artisans do on a daily basis. We have to contend with repetitive stress on various joints in our hands, elbows and arms, maybe even legs (I do alternately roll my felting with my feet). Anyone who sits for hours at a…

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Felting Again

Helping the shoppers. It’s been a busy week that actually started on Saturday in Haliburton with a trunk show at the studio of my friend Susan Watson Ellis of Paradigm Designs. We had a nice stream of folk visiting and a book club of ladies from Ottawa! It was a great day spent with Susan….

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Spring Fling Road Trip

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my friend Sonja and I were in Peru, Indiana participating in Spring Fling machine knitting semimar put on my Charlene Shafer of the Knit Knack Shop there. We had quite an adventure! Starting out Thursday morning from Toronto where I stayed over with Sonja, we drove through…