Felting Again

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Helping the shoppers.

It’s been a busy week that actually started on Saturday in Haliburton with a trunk show at the studio of my friend Susan Watson Ellis of Paradigm Designs. We had a nice stream of folk visiting and a book club of ladies from Ottawa!

It was a great day spent with Susan. When we weren’t dealing with visitors we talked shop and also tech…web sites, etc.

We enjoyed the lovely scenery on our drives to and from Haliburton.

 We got home just in time for me to meet my knitting buddy Karen at the Wolfe Island ferry to head over to the island to catch a last hour or so of WIFF. Yes, Toronto had TIFF…we have WIFF: Wolfe Island Fibre Fest….what fun. It’s always lovely to ride the ferry over to the island then to wander around Marysville…from the town hall to the United Church and locations in between, bumping into friends and fibre folk and catching up, talking wool!

Here I am on the steps of Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Co fire truck! I picked up some yarn there too as did Karen. What a treat.

It was fortuitous that I was able to hit the festival as I stocked up on some extra roving for my Hat Workshop the following day…..

Monday was Workshop Day….Hats…

The same group of crazy ladies I had in July for a polymer clay workshop….I knew I had my work cut out for me! Alana Kapell had lead me a lamb to the slaughter again!!! (they were a blast)

Everyone was to make a hat, we unloaded my car and spread out the materials on the table…..lots of lovely Merino roving and fancy yarns to choose from.

Alana & Meryl’s table….early in the day

Brenda & Barb working away, laying out…

 After much fluffing, huffing and rolling we had HATS…of a sort. We needed to do some tweaking, cutting, squeezing out the excess water, molding and fixing but I think they all look superb.

 Alana is actually wearing one of my hats which I think suits her!…but it’s not for sale. And down in front we have…not a hat but a vase!
I’m in this shot wearing another of my hats.
Back view with some  decoration.
Alana Kapell was busy taking notes and pics and put together this ‘story’… 

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