In a New York ‘Mood’.

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I may have mentioned this before but I’m a huge fan of the TV program Project Runway. Two weekends ago my sister Judi Goldie and I took a trip to New York (on Amtrak not a Greyhound a la Billy Joel) and as it was her first time in the Big Apple it was ‘her’ trip with her camera and we went wherever she wanted to go.
I guided and contributed suggestions that I thought she would enjoy photographing and get us as much of Manhattan as we could…like Washington Square Park, and had only two requests of my own. One was the High Line and the other was Mood…where Tim Gunn takes all the designers on Project Runway for their fabrics and findings for their show briefs.    

As you might surmise from this pic…I was really excited to visit…when all you’ve been able to visit for recently is Fabricland I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Judith took this one of me under a display of ostrich feather boas.

The next three photographs I didn’t realize Judith had taken and I think they’re fabulous of the bolts of fabric, boxes of buttons and shelves of glittery trims.
Judi Goldie Photography

Judi Goldie Photography
Judi Goldie Photography

There was a lovely young lady who served me who was complaining of sneezing so I told her she should get a Neti pot. Anyone who is in a closed space with all that fabric and – consequently…dust – needs to flush out the nasal passages regularly. She thanked me and proceeded to help me with my purchases. She was a college student.

I decided this was a good place to get some silk for felting…not a bargain (remember I was spending USD’s) and the silk was $10 – $14 per yard. (Not even those three extra inches you get in a metre!)

Here is what I had to choose from….I’ve used some of the black and white patterned in a felted vest already.

By the way…this is only one floor of Mood, they have another floor and further along down on the street is Mood Home with home decor fabrics….next time, eh?

No, I didn’t get a Tshirt….I got the book about Project Runway, the first 10 seasons. I did get a tape measure and a giant tote bag as my souvenirs.
Judi Goldie Photography

We ended up taking my packages back to our abode and catching a late diner breakfast at a great place called Scotty’s on Lexington at 39th. Thanks Ron for being such a great part of our breakfast, info, quips, remarks about Manhattan and Queens where he said he owned some property…nobody can afford The City….

…..I spent just enough that morning.

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