Summer’s Still Here…

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…but I’m in Fall mode.   I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since April! After my wonderful trip to California we went to St. Martin to our favorite place…for what might be the last time! We’ve been keeping our eye on the island and hope we can return in a year or so and spend some money to help out. These islands depend on tourists which I’m happy to be.  I keep wearing bits and pieces I picked up there…lime green flip flops, my Sunset Café ball cap. The store and cafe are gone now.

Meanwhile one of the funnest things I did this Summer wast take a Nuno felting workshop from Eva Camancho Sanchez  where we learned a lot about working silk and wool together in a lovely structural but soft way. Here I am with my green vest.

I didn’t think I’d like it and thought I’d just make some buttons and put it into stock….NO! I love it but it took me the whole Summer to get around to making the buttons but I made them yesterday!

It’s very drapey in the front as the whole item is a flat vest… no seams or purposeful shaping…just what happened in the cutting, laying out, fulling ad felting.

Because I ended up liking both sides (inside and outside), I had to make buttons that would go through the 6 buttonholes like a large cufflink.

Here it is reversed onto the plainer side. I just need a crisp white shirt and I’m good to go…but I’m not wishing for cooler weather yet!

While I finally had my polymer clay out I got a set of buttons made for a jacket my neighbour had given me for that purpose. She didn’t like the buttons it came with and I agreed with her….but it took me a while to decide what to do.

I mixed the colour to tone and go with the material of the little jacket and threw in some sparkle clay too so with the varigation of the clay’s there’s a bit more added to the look. The plain black plastic buttons just weren’t cutting it…these give it a softer but sleeker look.

Well, I’m giving it to her tomorrow so I hope she likes the new buttons as much as I do.

In case there is anyone who wants’s to take a class in Polymer Clay and make some of their own buttons I’ll be doing a one day workshop at Passionate Artisans our art and hand mades store here in Kingston.

There are a lot of classes going on so I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  Sometime in November. I’ll be sending out a Newsletter so go to my website and sign up.

…oh yes, that’s what I’ve been doing since the Spring…four shows in June to Canada Day, then a couple of new web sites as well as getting my own new one up:   Yes, been working on my other small business I’ve been doing this for ages but only recently in WordPress…so…lots to learn and it’s ever changing.

…..ok, now…back to the studio.

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