Palm Springs Catch Up

Well, it seems so long ago now and had I not been so busy on my return I would have posted way sooner. I was in Palm Springs for a week on
the kind invitation of our friend Adrienne. I’ve never been to the desert before and I found it fascinating.

The flora and fauna grabbed me…. from the lemons and grapefruit Adrienne picked from the trees around her condo to the cacti in this lovely front garden and the pine trees at 8500 feet up a mountain. Notice I have my gloves and jacket on …it’s chilly at 8500′!!!

It was a great break since I had been going since the last show in Chicago in December and knew I’d be hell bent for leather up to the One of a Kind in Toronto and Originals in Ottawa when I got back. So I enjoyed some R&R and fresh air….

……not to mention 6 airplanes, four airports, de-icing in Washington and two blizzards in Northern New York state!…. but that’s another post….if ever.!

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