Yarn Shop in Manteo NC

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 Manteo, Roanok Island NC.

I knew there was a yarn shop around the Outer Banks, North Carolina, and I remembered one from years ago, the last time I went over to Roanok Island and it’s main town, Manteo. Fine Yarns at Kimbeeba is in what used to be an auto shop and under part of the floor (I learned to day) is the mechanic’s ‘ditch’!  (I know there is a better word for it than that).  Anyway, I took DH back to day, a hot sunny day, perfect for wandering around, and introduced him to Sybill the proprietor and a lovely lady.

Sybill and me.
I wandered in a couple of days ago and after ‘can I help you?’ I was greeted with ‘would you like a cup of tea or coffee?’! I got to wander around the store with a good cup of tea in a friendly mug. If you are ever down this way, on holiday or passing through, I highly recommend Kimbeeba and Sybill, a great selection of yarns, patterns, knitted samples, books, tools and so on. It’s the kind of place that you can pick up what you forgot to pack on your trip but also to get inspired to make something new for a change with some exciting new yarn. Knit or crocheted.  
To one sied is a lovely weaving studio full of looms and woven and knit examples and items for sale. Sybil is an accomplished fiber artisan and today I got to see some roving she was spinning into some yummy yarn… the kind of yarn I buy, take back to my studio then think of something to do with it. It had Seacell in it too and had  lovely sheen which made it a yarn for something chic.
Taking my husband into yarn shops is the best thing, a)he’s not shy about taking photos and b) he’ll talk to anyone about anything.
A good friend of Sybil’s came in and they got chatting, that’s how I found out what the building had been before, and had a paint chipped brick wall pointed out to me which had formed part of the gas station. This gentleman was a magistrate and as a friend had managed to get a speeding ticket we asked about how to go about working that one out….which led to being shown Sybil’s husband’s little office to one side of the shop, he had retired but as he still gets legal work….his office is there and a card at the cash counter!
CottonCat (I think)
I had bought some sock yarn to add to my stash the day before but today I bought a book on yarn and needlwork stores around the US… well, that will go in with my passport! We were offered tea or coffee again today but couldn’t stay as long, but there was a small Saturday afternoon group of knitters in a corner with a sunny window and one of them was Turkish Crocheting… I have never heard of it before but it looks like knitting!
Discovering  a good yarn shop always makes my trip and as we return every year….I’ll be back!

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