Spring Studio Tours

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 Well, another studio tour under my belt and it was difficult. I have long loved being in my tent on my friend Margot’s front lawn, she has her little shop, the Summerhouse, in Rockport, Ontario…but this weekend was a scorcher.

With my collection

We know the garden centres were packed! Gardening seemed to be the order of the day and rightly so on such a wonderful weekend, but I slathered myself with sun screen and drove out from Kingston each of the three days (with my other half coming out two of the days to help me pack and tear down) so the mileage and gas get added onto my show expenses along with the initial fees, not to mention incidentals such as food!  It was not successful and I’m all geared up now to work hard this week on other projects and jobs that have been waiting for some time to show up!

Maybe I’ll be at the coffee shop for a latte and some Etsy uploading… I did get a few sets of buttons and some pins made.

New jacket.

I need to get more felting done but the rolling takes it’s toll on my shoulders and knees (yes I spell my arms off by rolling with my feet) as I do more and learn  more. I love my two new jackets (yes I’ve graduated to sleeves!!!)

I’ve some web work to get done mine and Sylvia Natlor’s and Edgar Barnett’s which I build and maintain…I love working on my computer too! One of the things I have to work out is HOW TO GET THESE ADS OFF MY BLOG!!!!! See below. They appeared and I have yet to learn how to eliminate it….bear with me! I’m doing some Google digging still.

I hit Toronto last week (more time, gas and food) to attend the Maker Shaker event for the Ontario Crafts Council…such fun, silent auction and connecting with other artist I hadn’t seen in a while. I got to pick up some more dyes and silks (see some in this red jacket)….and visit my grandson.

Well, back to work…I have two shows to prepare for: 
Newburgh Ontario 
June 16th
Nathan Philips Square
July 6, 7 & 8

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