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Well, with Art Amont The Ruins just a short week away I’m trying to get some more vests done, and also to start photographing and videoing myself working. All needed for web site, grant applicatioins and so on. 
Laying out a vest.

So here I am at my work table that when I set it up there’s not much floor space left in my studio! But I’ve enough to work around. I’m working on a flat vest here and Clint has the video camera set up  to record different stages. I’m really looking forward to being back in the AATR as I had to decline the invitation last year due to being in England with my Mum’s ashes.

Cute c.1960 home knitter.
Being in the biz for 30 years one’s name gets around and when someone has a knitter in their family they seem to call me to see what I can do with their loved one’s stash.  I’ve headed out with a friend, searched and identified parts, tables, cases, tools, manuals and the like and put them together for the family….who sometimes just want them to go to a good home.  Some things I share with my newbie knitter friend Karen, some I share via Ebay or Kijiji netting me a bit of money to support my ongoing wool habit and I’ve also spread things around and netted funds for the family. This has led to me having a basement full of machines and stuff…if you’re looking for anything, try me!
Then there are folk who call me up, ask me if I’m in and ask if they can drop off a machine. I have a Singer 580 I got that way but I can’t get it to pattern…then I got this…

It’s a beautiful, tiny, perfect knitting machine from Montreal in the early ’60’s. The lady who gave this to me said she bought it and then you’d get wool to make sweaters for the manufacturer and earn a bit of $$$. It’s all metal and the little case  holds the carriage, rulers and all the tools!..and a few notes from the owner. I hope to get an hour somewhere to set it up and get it working!!!!  There’s no rust and it’s in excellent condition …. can’t wait.

Now for some fun news, this vest was juried into the Along The River art show at the Thousand Islands Art Center in Clayton NY. (Yes…just along the River … St Lawrence). I’m so excited and will pop over for the opening on June 22nd.

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  1. I have a similar machine made in Canada Fair Isle Nt 12 but no manual. I am currently restoring it and is appears to have no sponge bar. Does your little blue one have ? I would gladly purchase a copy of your manual if you have one. Thanks, Linda

  2. I just purchased a fair isle machine ,intact in ontario yesterday it has a manuale with it, plus all cases and accessories, its dated 1930 made in toronto, I dont have it yet but it will be here soon!Im so excited cant wait to see it and check it all out!

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