My 2022 Show booth

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My 2022 Show booth

Twenty twenty two has been an interesting year! With vaccinations we’ve been able to get out and about more and feel a wee bit less afraid, also, after two years (I’ve lost track) we’ve been jonesing to congregate, get together with family and friends, also, in my business, to let loose in craft fairs.

Artfest had endeavoured to put on a couple of Holiday shows at Christmastime but in 2022 it came roaring back on Canada Day weekend in City Park here in Kingston.

Three days of glorious weather was bliss for we artisans, who have endured rain, mud, wind, storms and so on over our careers…only had to deal with the sun and find sunscreen and shade! As it shows in the photograph, we were spread out with space around each tent.

Usually, there is a Canada parade so folk turn out in red and white outfits which seem to have no pockets for wallets…I never expect to sell much on Canada Day. This year there was no parade…the parade was the teeming folk wandering up and down the pathways with purses and pockets! They were dying to meet, greet and shop. I don’t think I have had that experience since 1983(?) The Spring One of a Kind show (my first time there in my 30 subsequent years there) was on Easter weekend. ATMs were fairly new and all my sales were done with wads of twenty dollar bills!!!

The other side of this Summer’s Artfest in Kingston is the number of folk coming into my tent to say hi, connect, catch up, share and see how we are all getting along and finding out who we had lost over the previous 2 1/2 years….it was wonderful.

I so look forward to next year.

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