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This weekend is my last show of this Holiday season…the Holly & Ivy tiArts Show in Rockport Ontario.

I’m the member contact for the location – Rockport Rec Hall – so I’ll be there for set up day all day making sure no one overlaps other artist spaces or takes up too much room, has the spot they want and to referee fights (just kidding!!!).  I’m in with a great group, some returning and some for the first time…check out the artist list online.

Though I have been knitting and sewing this Fall my big thing is learning to use a vector drawing program for illustrations. I’m not paying the big bucks and spending the time to learn Adobe Illustrator, my Inkscape for some reason wouldn’t open on my new laptop so I clicked around and found iDraw for Macs. I’ve spent a number of days learning to used it and it’s been fun, I also think that learning something completely new will help keep my brain healthy (my Mum died with Alzheimer’s).

Old Swirl.

I am starting a new business (well one I’ve done for a while) building web sites….so I needed a logo! I also need to revamp my old logo on my old cards. It’s locked in a JPEG so isn’t so adaptable to different formats and resizing….so I’ve been working on a new one. It’s just so fun!


The old one was done at least 10 years ago!!!

One thing about running your own business is that you are the chief cook and bottle washer. I had someone else design my first brochure (an illustrator colleague…in exchange for a dinner or two!) and I still have them. An old buddy back in the ’80’s drew ‘knitting’ for me and that was on my first business card…yes he used pen and ink! This is one of my first ones…the very first one had my name in a handwriting font….written by the artist friend.
First Card – 1984
Well, back to the ‘drawing board’, perhaps I can get a bit of work done while the others set up after I have my own booth set up….and maybe I can shoot down to Cornwall’s Pub for some fries!
Hope to see you along the Thousand Islands Parkway this weekend.

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