Holiday Shopping Season!!!

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Just sent out an email for the Holiday Shopping Season! I’ve deadlines – knits to get done for folk who need to take them away for the holidays elsewhere, and making sure my online presence is up to date.

I’m working on some workshops for the Winter…to help your work be awesome! I’ll keep you posted on that scene as I plan dates….but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have ideas or want to put together a group workshop for your own group.

Hand Knit Socks 

As I have put work in the shops listed in the sidebar I’m not doing any shows this season, but what you might find in my Etsy shop is in my studio so do contact me if there is anything you would like to pick up if you are heading this way, and I’ll put it aside.

Felted Cushion Covers
QR code link to my Newsletter

 You can scan this with your smart phone or just click the link. (I love QR codes and have had fun with them….one artisan at a show had them in his booth and on his business cards….they took you right to his web site…..gotta get onto that!
Soft hand Knit Socks

Well, I had better jump in to my own hand knit socks (years old but still hanging in) and head out to the post office!

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  1. Hi Carolyn! it was lovely to see you last night and Clint too, and Jane. I'm sorry i didn't really get too long to chat with you, movin round the room doing the social hobnobbing…ha ha! Anyway, have a great holiday, and i wish you heaps of holiday shoppers. Love my Carolyn socks, i wear em all the time.

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