Care & Feeding


You may wish to dry clean your garment, if so remember to remove the hand made buttons as dry cleaning solution can damage them.

I prefer to hand wash both my wool and cotton garments, I use Eucalan no-rinse wool wash for both, available online and at good yarn stores…it’s my favourite and I have been using it for years.

I suggest washing three at a time of similar colour (light or dark) and using lots of water, especially for multi colours, follow the instructions. Then using the ‘spin’ cycle of your washing machine* this will get a LOT of water out and you can fluff them by hand and hang them over the shower rail or lay it on a mesh sweater dryer.

Eucalan Wool Wash
Eucalan Wool Wash

Laundry Alternatives Spin Dryer

I purchased a Laundry Alternatives Spin Dryer for both my felting and for my own hand and machine knits. It’s from Laundry Alternatives and reminds me of my old wringer washer which I had in the ’70’s and which was super for getting the water out of my hand knits before hanging them to dry…they come out just damp!

When dry, press with lots of steam to finish.

*If you have a front loader washing machine and can’t just ‘spin’, roll your sweater in a big towel and walk on it to squeeze out the excess water then tug it into shape before drying.


I hang my sweaters to dry either outside on my washing line but out of the sun, or indoors over the shower rail or the washing line I have in my basement. I arrange the sweater back into shape and drape the sleeves over the line as well. Make sure the line or shower rail is clean.

After spinning the garment is damp but not dripping at all so it’s light and will dry quickly. When it’s dry I give it a light press with my iron, set on Cotton with full steam…that takes out the wrinkles and gives it a nice smooth look again.

The damp garment is tugged into shape when it hangs, the collar, sleeves, front edges and hem.


My felted jackets and scarves can be hand washed also using the same process as for knits. Set your iron on Wool with lots of steam and press when dry.


Always spot wash out any food spills on wool as this is where moths like to lay their eggs…the food spill will feed the young….eeew!


…leave your precious knit or felted garment on top of the washing machine with the jeans & sweat socks (this has happened…resulting in a cardigan for an 8 year old). Someone will throw it in the washing machine!!! The hot water and agitation will shrink it in a heartbeat.

Your woolens will be lost and your cottons will not fair well either though they won’t shrink as much…depending on the heat.

….and never put them anywhere near the dryer.

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