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‘Sway’ c 2000

On a recent trip to the beach at the Sandbanks in Prince Edward County we planned a stop in Picton to acquaint ourselves with some of the new shops. A comment on a friends ace leather jacket led me to City Revival, a huge and wonderful use clothing store that is like a recycling Holts or Creeds!

The clothing there is very chic and recycled out of Toronto and a good place to keep your eye on as they get in shipments of designer clothing, often. They have been there for seventeen years! (where was I?).

After my friend purchased a great Alan Cherry raincoat we moved on to the book store down the street which also joins onto a coffee shop and while getting coffees to sip on the next leg of our drive to the beach a woman called my name, we had said hi in City Revival but now we realized we knew each other….. this was a woman who was deep into machine knitting and sold me one of my favourite machine from her old business in the County, years ago!!!! It was so great to rediscover each other…. and she did look very smart from working in and hanging around the shop.

Carol told me that they have had my sweaters through their store, they go for high prices (still) and don’t last a week!!! I didn’t know how to take that but then realized I was flattered that my work lives on, is making money…. (for someone), and sharing fashion wealth.

How cool is that? It’ll be when I see them in Value Village at $20 that I’ll worry!!!

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