Validating Knitting

Image from the site “A Good Yarn: Knitting Blogs”

I don’t read much with my eyes, waaaaay to tired when I get to bed and am usually working on a web site, blog or email when I finally nestle against my pillows. I usually ‘read’ my literature through my ears via my iPod ….. with my eyes closed. However I just finished a lovely book which I’m sure most of you have already read…. The Friday Night Knitting Club.

Unlike the Debbie McComber stories which round up nicely at the end this one had me in tears…. though it did end nicely, but in my sometime search for why I do what I do I want to quote this paragraph:

Does this skill have validity for the modern woman?
There is tremendous power when women hold on to – or reclaim, in the case o many young women today – the traditional skills of women who went before us. In the developed world, knitting is at once a reminder and a connection to the struggles of our collective past, when warm clothing was a necessity that could only be made by hand, and a joyous celebration of the ingenuity and creativity of our mothers and grandmothers.”

The book also has a pattern for a scarf made by one of the characters and a recipe for muffins made by another.

I usually pass books on but I wrote my name in it and will hang onto it for a bit…. at least until I’ve tried the scarf and the muffins!

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