Happy Anniversary to Me!!!

A few days ago I realized that today marks the day 24 years ago I walked in to a building on University Avenue, Toronto, to register my business. Whew! I’ve been doing this a long time, not done yet, still a long way to go, many more designs to knits, avenues to take them.

The photo is of my test swatch which I submitted to Janet Morton in 2000 for her exhibit ‘Casting Off’ which ran that Spring at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto. That was an amazing exhibit, hundreds of swatches with dates knit into them, each date representing something important to the knitter. A large bound book held the letters which accompanied each square in explanation, celebration, comemmoration and so on. My Mum and I spent quite a while there reading the swatches and letters.

Now I’ll have to dream up something special to knit to mark my quarter century… watch this space.. I’m off to eat cake.

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