Yard Sale Find for the Studio.

Well, a very nice lady in town is moving to Hawaii and apparently won’t be doing any pressing when she gets there. I picked up this wonderful little ‘tool’ which I now cannot imagine being without!! It’s a mesh sheet which you use as a pressing cloth. Now, all my old pressing cloths were in actual fact …. bandanas. Yeah, well, I used to wear them on my head back in the ’70’s and had quite a collection, being 100% cotton they were great for using with a spritzer bottle to press stuff. This one is very 21st century and I don’t know why I haven’t seen one in my travels. I’ve never ever seen one before!!!

For a knitter like me who presses everything, especially seams, lots of steam is used for both wool and cotton, however I sometimes get a teeny bit of shine and spend a lot of time steaming and patting where I just steamed with my hand. This mesh is of some unknown fibre which is heat resistant and see through so you can see what you’re doing and instead of a spritzer bottle you just use the steam from the iron. The iron is on the item being pressed but slightly separated so if you move the iron back and forth… no direct contact so no shine.

I have no idea where to get another one but it’s on my ‘lookout’ list when wandering the shops and dollar stores (along with the 47 prong tool). I buy Tefal irons fairly regularly but when I’m in the Bay housewares dept I don’t look around at other ironing paraphernalia so maybe I’ve been missing this nifty little purchase.

If anyone knows anything about this item please let me know, get one yourselves too.

….. I love it!!!!!!

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