Two More Shows Under My Belt.

Back home again after what seems like ages on the road, far from my own bed and ‘fridge. The first two shows of the season went well if a little strange when compared to past shows, however, each brings it’s own surprises. The sun and warmth of the first day of the One of a Kind show would have kept me outside had I not paid an awful lot of money to sit in a dark building with my ‘flag’ (my work) up the flagpole awaiting that salute (sales!!)

The photo is of the ‘after’ during tear down, of the inside of the National Trade Centre, Toronto.

How wonderful it has been after the long Winter indoors, in the studio, to connect again with friends and colleagues and to reaffirm why I do what I do. To hear compliments from my clients (my critics) and colleagues on new designs, and to see the satisfaction when on of my knits leaves me for a new home with lovely lady who will wear it with joy (there is no other way to wear Fuschia!!).

Meals at odd time with unaccustomed B&B brekkies to kick start the long days. Thanks, Susan, for the libation! And wonderful home cooked dins at the ‘outlaws’ at the Ottawa show…. how long has it been since I had scalloped potatoes, yum, thanks R&B. And of course relatives make sure you tuck some cake in with your booth munchies to make the day just that much brighter.

Now it’s back to the studio….. when I’ve shaken this ‘show head cold’!

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