Fifteen Seconds of Fame!

Oh what fun we had tonight! First day of the OOAK show and found out one of my peices submitted for the opening night fasion show has been chosen and they want to introduce the attached artist! The show is being hosted by Jeanie Becker and she did a great job of talking up Canadian made fashion.

The models did their thing and then it was our turn, staying in the order in which we had been duly put, we went up on stage from backstage, out under the bright lights and our column snaked around the stage grinning and waving then backstage again. I turned to the colleague behind me (another knitter) and asked ‘Was that our 15 seconds of fame?’ (chortle).

Those of us who didn’t have to high tail it back to an unattended booth were shepherded into a roped off area behind the stage for photo taking and where charming attendants proffered trays of sushi and mango martinis….

….then I giggled my way back to my booth.

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