Yipeeeee! What a wonderful Spring Sunday yesterday, my other half and I spent the day working in the studio (me, getting ready for the Spring shows), wiring up the house for our new broadband and reaching out an upstairs window to try to shift the sheet of snow and ice on the studio roof before it slid off onto someone’s head. I suggested a break – a walk downtown to just be OUT!

The sunny side of the street with mocha’ s in hand strolling up the main drag I took this picture of the mounted Kingston police officer with some equine fans after she had just ‘advised’ a driver to ‘move on’. Hey I might pay the parking ticket if the horse gives it to me!

We ran into friends and spent time chatting, the distaff side involved in talking about computers (she and I are both Mac people), and discussing web site building. I told her I had just finished my first web site and she later took a proofing look at it.

Ready to upload I will announce this freshened site in a few days… same URL as the past 6 years… thanks Marc!!

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