Old Home Day!!

Second day at the OOAK, seems like everyone I know or have knit for came by the booth, it was wonderful. To go from spending waaaaaay too much time all alone (well… me and General Hospital) in my studio for weeks leading up to the shows to having all these wonderful people stop by is very uplifting.

Jean in her ‘Long Lac’ flounced by in her red shoes and stopped in, then Carol and a bright number that I had forgotten I had done!!! She brought a friend and we tore the place apart taking two new designs and making them into a third new one! (sorry that pic is still sideways so I won’t put it in just now).

My friend Barbara who was supposed to have a Christmas gathering but had to cancel stopped by to say things are coming to rights and the ‘do’ is now a Spring one and I’m to watch my email. She and he husband Eric have the wonderful Waterfall Tea Room in Yarker outside Kingston, I could describe it but …. just go…. eat …. look…. shop!

Then, my buds Jackie and Judith came by and Judith came a long way on a bad day so I felt truly honoured!!! These are crazy and talented knitting ladies and a joy to hang out with.

There are more but I must get some sort of beauty sleep ( ha!).

Thanks everyone for stopping by, it was wonderful to catch up with each of you…. I feel like I had a party today!!!

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  1. I have you in my subscribtions now so I can check in on you darling. So you have just done another show. You look great! We are doing well over here in Toronto. The Spring is making us dance around a lot in the studio getting some nice new designs made. Soon we will be on our bikes! Much love Gwendolyne

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