Spring Show News!


I can’t believe the shows have come and gone!! Such a high pressure build up and then kicking off the year with the One of a Kind in Toronto then Originals in Ottawa. Hard work but a lot of fun.

I love connecting with clients, colleagues and friends at the shows, it allows me to get things in perspective as far as life as an artisan goes, to see more of what’s happening in our world and to see my work on live people instead of the forms and hangers in my studio.

Here I am with Anita who professed to have just come to take a look but now has a new design in the works for the future….. I gave her an out but she made her decision! Don’t you just love her scarf?

You will notice the purple display of silver and gold necklaces behind Anita and me. This is my colleague Andrea of Lumiere Designs who does wonderfully different work.

In a quiet moment a bunch of us ‘neighbours’ got in to chatting an giggling (I think this was Good Friday evening when others were home with their families), we formed our own temporary ‘family’. Here is Wairimu (amazing carved Kenyan soapstone plates), Jannis (a great selection of clothing) and Kluane (delightful little windowsill herb packages) with me in back, my husband thought this was a fun photo op!

Partners are very handy at shows, a young exhibitor, Tessa, from NS had trouble with her car fuses and came to Clint for help.

A trip to Canadian tire was in order so she could continue her journey west after the show. We offered her a place to stay on her long drive back in May when she passes through Kingston. She had tons of 19 year old energy which was contagious!

She was in Ontario representing a group of Nova Scotia artisans, I bought some lovely hand made skin cream.

I have a lovely group of women who stop by to catch up, visit and sometimes buy one of my cardis. I was informed that one was busy sorting herself out from a recent move and others were busy so I was wonderfully surprised when Louise and Henriette showed up on Sunday. These two have visited my studio a couple of time and I hope to have them visit again as Kingston is a nice drive from Ottawa.

There were one or two others of my usual suspects who I didn’t get to catch up with and I hope they are all well.

Now on to finishing long overdue orders and an art project for submission before we head out of town again but this time for a much needed rest! I have a week and a half …. well sleep is overrated!

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  1. Hope you visit us at our atelier this summer. I am loving your blog. Great to see you. We are definitely having a blast over here in TO. I am spending so much more time in the studio. Leaps of growth in so many more directions. Best wishes for you and Clint this Spring.

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