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You MUST, MUST visit this wonderful store in North Bay! It’s like a few yarn store I’ve visited in my travels, the one I hit in Washington DC, Rose Haven Farms in Picton and a few more…. the choice of yarns is fabulous: cashmeres, possum, bamboo, cotton/tencel the list of fibres goes on.  However the kicker of this one is the owner … Rae Brenne who is only 22!

Rae sitting in her new location.

Rae is one of those to whom you attach the adage ‘old soul’ shes been around and done a lot in her few short years but fibre is her passion and she recently moved from a tiny little storefront on North Bay’s Main St to Stix and Stones a bit further along with with room for groups to gather, movie nights (Lucy Neatby last night) and to display some of the great hip and current knit fashions she makes and promotes.

With all that room Rae invited me to bring my workshops here and I just finished the Button Making today and we had 15 participants, lots of tools and clay flying all over and two toaster ovens going in relay!

Tomorrow is Machine Knitting day and with a smaller group we have some bringing their own machines and I brought three of mine and we set up Rae’s  ( of which she is leery) tonight. Then of couse, Sonja my knitting  and travel buddy and I and Rae spent hours chatting over yarns, styles, knitting machines and life…until we realized how late it was and we went home to her Mum’s (Kathryn Breene) place where we ate yummy home made pizza and sat and nattered more.

Well, Sonja and I have a long day ahead which includes the drive home to Kingston (7 hours) after class so off to the land of nod with more news and pics to come when I get home and catch my breath.

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