Flora MacDonald and the Wrap!

Flora & Me
Well, look who dropped by my booth at the Ottawa Originals Craft Show last weekend on the first day! A tall woman in track shoes, workout pants and jacket and a back pack…at 79 she is a fine example of how we can be if we take care of ourselves and pursue our passions. Ms MacDonald told me she is doing a lot of work in Afghanistan and will be heading back there next month. Some folks stopped in front of my booth to chat with her and take pictures. 
Then after trying on a number of my knits (she has a great figure) she purchased the cotton wrap she has on in the photo. Plum made my day!

Funky Scarves

I do wish I had more time in my days, I would have made more of my snake scarves, I only had a few and they sold out. Though they are not expensive they take a lot of energy for me to make on my machine, work up a sweat knitting those stripes, choosing each cone. But they are such fun for at least three seasons and I also make some out of 50% Merino wool and 50% Silk.

On my return from the Ottawa shows I put together my orders to see what I have on my plate for the next few months and as many are done using my garter carriage (of which I now have two….like Diana had..an heir and a spare) I had to check them over. The newer one that I was so thrilled with has had to be sent to Washington State to Needle-Tek for Jerry and Bea to fix. The only people on the planet I think, who can do can take a GC apart and still know where all the pieces are supposed to go.
Thinking I would save money/time, I drove my new ‘baby’ over to the nearest USPS office on Wellesely Island and took all my packaging with me (they need to be molly coddled). I explained what it was to the nice lady at the border, then I think she just glazed over, and spent 1/2 hour stuffing bubble wrap and wrestling with two boxes, brown paper and tape. Off it went and now I wait…..
Now I head into May with a raft of studio tours and a fun Workshop Weekend on the slate in North Bay at Stix & Stones run by Rae Brenne for a day of button making and another day of machine knitting….not much can be done in one day but I’ll do what I can to create more knitters.
My great friend Sonja is coming with me (we do great road trip together) and it’ll be super to have another knitter with me, my husband was invited but he’ll glaze over before we get out of the driveway!
       More late as a) things occur and b)I find time!

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