More Garter Carriage.

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Garter Carriage Hem Edge
More working on the garter carriage, this us the hem edge of a new jacket. I haven’t uploaded it to my web site yet as I haven’t made the buttons….maybe in a day or so so I can photograph the jackets I’ve made when the sun is shining.  The jackets I am making are mostly from Yeoman Cannele which works beautifully on the GC.
It’s just so much fun but I do have to check for dropped stitches and my GC tends to mess up the right hand side and I haven’t worked that out yet. My GC is an 89 made for the punchcard Brother but I got a pair of magnets to pop into the back that make it work on a Brother electronic. I got them (and Dekker combs and other stuff) from  Stickmaschinen. Ruediger Onken ships quickly and responds very quickly to emails. Sometimes he can be a lifesaver for bits and pieces….but you do pay. Also he takes PayPal.
Different Yarn Twists…!
Here is a problem I encountered two days ago, while working with Yeoman Cannele Mercerized cotton, (from Cardiknits), which made me behind by nearly a day on this particular jacket. As I knit I found the cone had knots periodically and a twist change along with it. EEEEEEEK! I had to undo a whole sleeve, I thought it was OK as I knit but found when I took it off the machine the lower 40 rows were in this thinner twist. In the above photo the regular thickness is on the left and the thinner twist, that you can see through, is on the right. I saved the off windings for something else, maybe a scarf.
I had three cones but two cones had this problem and I had to wind off until I came to another knot where the yarn went back to it’s thickness again! Well, I love this yarn and this colour (Ardois), a dusty mauve, and it happens rarely. I’ve been using it for years and I think it’s happened twice or three times which isn’t bad. I was always taught that quality yarn has no knots but I think sometimes the control slips a bit.
I get my Cannele from Pat at Cardiknits in Hamilton and she’s great for selection and importing it and sending it out. Pat’s is where I took a one day workshop on the Garter Carriage back in November…a fun day.
Speaking of ‘fun days’ I had better get back to the studio, the One of a Kind show opens a week today…..!

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  1. Hello Carolyn, i like that colour combo on the top picture, the beige and yellow and hot pink. It was nice to see you last night, and chat. I thought about your idea, it was a good one, and today i fitted 6 new blinds to the windows of the porch gallery, so there wont be any problems with any sun damage. I thought it would be a great idea for keeping it cooler on really hot days too. have fun with your knittin machine:)

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