Dyeing Differently and Fibre Fun

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Nancy Davis & me in San Diego

I recently was invited to travel to California by two wonderful Machine Knitting Guilds (San Diego & San Francisco) and it was Nancy Roberts of the San Francisco guild and of machineknittingtodyefor.com who got this ball rolling. My last port of call was San Francisco and a few days staying with Nancy.

My first port of call was San Diego and a stay with Nancy Davis in her lovely bungalow home. I loved that I could see mountains from every window even though we were in a city…so she drove me up Mount Helix to look at the views!!!!

Nancy picking fresh lemons.

Nancy is 80 and when I mentioned I wanted to do a zip line on my upcoming vacation she said ‘Oh, I’ve done that four times in different places…’! I think one was in Alaska! I was suffering from a rotten cold and Nancy picked a bunch of lemons from her tree and I had lots of hot lemon! The San Diego gang was a great group of women.

Nancy Roberts in something she dyed.

OK now on to Nancy Roberts in San Francisco, she’s my new BFF (Best Fibre Friend), especially as we spent an afternoon painting knitting and then pouring over her giant stash of samples and swatches!

Imagine a sunny afternoon after a long walk along the Embarcadero and a ride on a cable car…sitting in Nancy’s kitchen over cups of tea and pouring over these amazing machine knit swatches.

Nancy knit two pieces of sock yarn in it’s ‘natural’ state for me to paint…here she is pinning it out on a board for me.

This is a selfie of me painting one of the pieces…we spent time looking at colours and I chose four: two for one piece and two for the other and I would go from one end to the other blending from one colour to the other. I think I chose Gold/Blue and Red/Yellow….and that’s kinda how they turned out.
I found something black to wear while splashing around with dye and the brush. This tank top went with a pair of shorts…neither were worn as the weather was rain, rain, rain. The four best and sunny days was when I was indoors…but then my last day (this day) was perfect for a long walk and being outdoors.
Here Nancy is checking my two pieces which had been wrapped and put in a steam table pot to set…I’ll have to figure out how I’ll work that at home…in my kitchen.

I’m working on my pair of socks…..next post!

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