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Feeling Felt

I recently spent a wonderful week in a workshop with Eva Camacho Sanchez on silk surface techniques and Nuno felting. The first two days were working with silk, paper, fabric paint and dye. We had a lot of colouring, folding, stamping and plopping our bundles into pots of concoctions, and just plain water, on the stove…

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Felting My Way Forward

It’s been a busy Summer and I can’t believe we’re into September…however, a wonderful paddle with the group SUP Kingston on my paddle board this morning was just the height of Summer. It was so good to get out as I had spent last week indoors mostly at a workshop with Australian felter Pam de…

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Felting Again

Helping the shoppers. It’s been a busy week that actually started on Saturday in Haliburton with a trunk show at the studio of my friend Susan Watson Ellis of Paradigm Designs. We had a nice stream of folk visiting and a book club of ladies from Ottawa! It was a great day spent with Susan….