November Workshops & Events.

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I love taking workshops! Even though I have been doing what I do for 31 years I  am always learning, we learn until we are gone.
Learning new felting techniques.
November afforded me the opportunity to take a workshop with Marjolein Dallinger of Her work is inspirational even if we don’t actually pursue that avenue of felted work. My passion is wearables, not sculpture but it is all technique and learning.
My TIArts show spot at the Rockport Rec Hall.
After finishing the workshop the Thousand Islands Arts November Art Show happened. What a great weekend that was. Working with other great artisans like Sandra McRae and Sally Chupick and meeting lots of new people who came by our four locations around Rockport.  I was in the Rockport Rec Hall and there were three other locations. This was my first time though I have done the Spring show on and off for years…usually locating my tent on Margot Miller’s front lawn. An aging artisan I gave up my tent last May for an indoor location….the weather is iffy in May.

Dennis Burr went around taking our photos.

Now November is over I’m catching up on custom work, getting some things shipped off to L’Artellier du Village in Pointe-Claire where Roxana carries some of my work. I’ve endeavoured to put the little ‘movie’ Roxana made, here. It’s on the Facebook Page of the store.

I wish December had 60 days…but I know they’d all be filled!

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