Stuff Craft Show Shoppers Say!

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I was passed this by a fellow artisan and having sat in my show booth now for 31 years I’ve heard these comments a million times!!!!!!! This is a ‘cuuuute’ video.

The women in this video must be seasoned artisans and have done lots of craft shows themselves.

Having been on the scene a long time I find I am part of an education of the public about hand made works of art and craft. I explain what I do and also explain how crafts shows work and get gaping mouths when folk ‘get it’. I think then our visitors develop a better understanding of what we do and how we make our livings doing it.

 At the Chicago One of a Kind I happened to have a video of my process (got it down to 12 minutes from, what, three days!)..anyway, when I woman asked if I just got the knit fabric and cut out my sweater pieces I showed her the video and after five minutes she said she would never again assume!

       Anyway, enjoy. It’s new so there are not many comments on you tube but the ones that are there are definitely from artisans!!

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