‘Winter Sunrise’

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Friday was the opening evening of the Winter Art Exhibition at the Thousand Islands Arts Centre (Home of the Handweaving Museum) in Clayton, NY. I have taught there and am a member so when the email came in December I decided to make an effort. First, I thought I’d make a jacket then thought better of if, too ambitious for a non juried show, though someone did a crocheted vest. I changed it to a scarf. 

I knitted strips using both my Singer machine where I worked ribbed strips and the wavy strips following the Irish Bishop method, and  my Brother with it’s Garter Carriage for a garter stitch strip and a seed stitch strip. I used glass beads and Swaravski crystals to embellish and add sparkle. 

We picked a branch from the garden to display it on as I couldn’t find anything that resembled an icicle! I knit this little bit of wire knitting to tie it in themewise though one had nothing to do with the other really… just decoration!

This is what it looks like as  a scarf, this one is quite long so you can do neat wraps with it. 

My idea, as the inspiration was to be taken from Winter on the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands, was the river at sunrise. Early one morning looking out of my bathroom window I saw the white on the lake, the dark strip which is Wolfe Island and the rose tones of the sun coming up. this is what I tried to knit in my strips, with the beads as the sparkle the Ice and snow give off.

Here I am Friday night with my piece at the show opening. Unfortunately I had to email the Arts Centre the next day to ask that they remove it from the window as the sun and reflection off the snow outside will quickly ruin the piece with fading, yellowing and deterioration.

It wasn’t completely exciting for everyone I took and my husband found out that the musical entertainment had a second guitar and as a seasoned musician, joined in the fun.

(He’s wearing one of my fave sweaters on him… from Knit Scene Spring ’07… I’m in the process of knitting him another one).

Here it is in situ with some wonderful artwork.

This wasn’t a juried show so there was artwork from many artisans from the Clayton NY environs. Also from children, beautifully framed and hung. For a small riverside town it was soooo well attended and I hope to exhibit there again.

They have a show in the Summer…. better get my thinking cap on (wooly of course!)

BTW it is for sale – $125…with branch!

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