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 Peter out front…with my ‘little bread truck’.

Well, I finally made it to 15 Gower Ave in Toronto, the home of Sew Knit Serge owned by Peter Smith. I’ve know Peter since I met him years ago at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)…if memory serves, back in the ’80’s. He had both sewing machines and knitting machines on display in the Better Living Building (I think…its been so long) where scads of such dealers demonstrated their wares and products. Anyway, now after a couple of other locations that were not big enough to contain his burgeoning stock and supplies this three floor building on a quiet street with parking is the bees knees.

This is what you see as you walk into the ground floor of the shop. Shelves of yarn and knitting and sewing paraphernalia, colourful and brightly lit with sale bins up front. Peter also showed me the back of this huge floor where he keeps more knitting machine stuff than I’ve ever seen.

 Of course, there’s Jenny, Peter’s right hand woman who has dealt with all this stuff for a long time. It was hard getting her to stand still for a pic but here she is so you’ll know her when you go in.

Shelves of Passaps.

Boxes of parts.
Bernina Sewing machines seen from Peter’s office.

Knitting room with quite a selection of machines to learn on.
Great daylight in the knitting machine room…wanted to go round and try them all.
Now,  the big news is the giant SALE !!!       
Announcing our Spinrite Yarns First Toronto Tent Sale, from Sep 24th to Oct 9th . Check out the Tent Sale flyer for all of the details. Take advantage of our Buy 3 get 1 Free deal on all sale items in the tent, and huge reductions on your favorite yarns. 
We also have extended sale hours – Monday through Saturday 9-6 (closed Sundays).
I’m going to stop by on my way to do the Just for Us Originals.

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