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As my recent flight from San Diego to San Francisco was cancelled due to the awful weather I went with my lovely hostess, Nancy, to her group of women as a school who came to class to learn machine knitting. It was a hoot! What a great bunch of ladies…some of whom I had been with over the weekend.

I did some demonstration….buttonholes I think I did…anyway, I came away with a box of See’s chocolates and a lovely pair of machine knit socks!
The yarn used in these is Madelinetosh Tosh Sock….or so the label I found inside said. It’s 100% Merino so I’ll have to wear and wash them carefully.

What a lovely memento.

On New Year’s Day we entered the party to which we had been invited and found I and my socks were being talked about. Two friends (we didn’t know they were going too) were there wearing their socks…I made Ron’s especially as he has big feet!

More socks…are these wonderful or not?! My friend Sonja Fijn has got into knitting socks. She bought a pair of mine to give to her sister but the legs were to narrow for her…and for Sonja. Well! She pulled apart my socks and created another pair…making two pair out of my one.

Her tale is that she knit socks when she was 6 in school back in the Netherlands with nuns in charge. She finished her socks and saw that other girls were knitting cables and lace…well, not to be outdone she picked up stitches and made cables to decorate her socks. When the nun was looking at the socks she held these up and Sonja felt so proud…until the nun asked whose they were, said something awful about the decorations and took a huge pair of scissors and cut them off. Sonja vowed she’d not knit socks ever again and kept her promise…until now!

The ones pictured were knit without a pattern, from the toe up…and making then left and right!!!

Last but my no means least, I found these the other day in my studio….a pair of socks knit by my Mum. They were probably one of the last pair she knit as, ravaged by Alzheimer’s, she forgot how to knit.

She used to make socks for me to sell in my booth!

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