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Just after I finished editing and putting out my latest tutorial video I wondered where my first video was. I used to carry it around in my laptop bag and play it at shows, it’s 13 minutes of an overview of making a sweater in my studio on my knitting machine.

Well, I found it and managed to get it uploaded to YouTube. It’s not a tutorial but educational, I remember speaking with a woman at the Chicago One of a Kind show where she thought (and she was not alone) that got the fabric from somewhere and created a sweater by cutting and assembling….. I put her straight by showing her the first few minutes of this video and she said she would never assume again!

Also, sometimes I just don’t have the time to take photos and that was the case recently on my second trip to Chicago to conduct a workshop in making one of my jackets.  What fun I had and what a lot of work…which I love, my only regret, but couldn’t be helped, was that we couldn’t add an hour or two to the days the Interknit group of Chicago. I’d love to have gone longer to get the ladies further along in their projects.

InterKnit Machine Knitting Guild of Chicago
However, I saw wonderful knitting happening, from some who really knew what they were doing to those who valiantly struggled along with this new (to them) craft….I praise them all!
Mary and me at the end of Navy Pier on a hot Fall day.

Mary picked me up at the airport and we spent the afternoon on Navy Pier, which I had only seen lit up an night before. We went on the Ferris wheel and looked at a wonderful display of stained glass.

Can this be knit?
Speaking of stained glass and women’s work, an excellent read is ‘Clara and Mr Tiffany‘ written by Susan Vreeland from letters written by Clara Wolcott Driscoll, a key woman behind Louis Comfort Tiffany’s glass work.
The workroom we used for the Chicago jacket workshop.

Working hard.

Giving a little help.

Thanks Valoria  for the photos of the workshop.

Well, speaking of woman’s work, I’m off to my knitting machines!

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