Scilla House


Long time no blog, it’s been a busy Spring so far and now that I’ve been on vacation for jus a little over a week I can pull myself together and post anew.
On one of my Spring power walks that I managed to squeeze in between the One of a Kind and Originals shows I noticed to my delight that the ‘Scilla House’ is still earning it’s name. Long story about this lovely house built in the late 1800’s but towards the end of the residence of the last occupant (youngest daughter I think) gardening was impossible for the elderly lady and her maid so the let it go and every Spring the front lawn was a carpet of beautiful blue scillas.

Upon auction and resale the grounds were dug up and re sodded, oh, I thought, I’ll miss the scillas in the Spring, then low and behold!!!…. there they were in April, pushing their way through the sod! I knew then that everything would be alright!

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