The Wearable Art Show…

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….in Toronto now for the Wearable Art Show (moved from Mississauga) and I’m off in a couple of hours when I have loaded up my PT!

Trio of Felted Hats.

I’ve been working on a couple of new designs for my knits, some hats and also making scarves and wristlets which are fun to make as I can go to town with the colours…and they are so hot right now.
Gotta run and finish sewing on some buttons that I made late last night, finish packing and try not to forget anything. This is a new venue 918 Bathurst St in Toronto and as I haven’t been there I don’t know what to expect in the way of room, amenities, loading and unloading our stuff, setting up, wi fi for sales and so on. I know there are stairs so no dollying in and out which takes it out of you if you have to carry, but we are told there will be lots of help (big burly blokes!?)
     Anyway, as they say…watch this space….better yet…see you there!

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