To Demonstrate or Not To Demonstrate.

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I love to teach! I love to impart what I have learned over the past 31 years to other potential machine knitters, polymer clayers, felters.
I love to travel….anywhere, I don’t do it enough to be bored or fed up with it, exploring the world has been instilled in my by my Dad (who at 88 is in the Greek Islands at the time of writing!) However I have had to cancel a date in San Diego due to health problems that cause distracting pain. I’m so bummed by that and hope the wonderful ladies (who I have yet to meet) of the San Diego Machine Knitting Guild invite me back when I can give them my all.
Me with Karen & Jackie.
However, I did manage to have a great weekend at the Finger Lakes Machine Knitting Seminar. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who lives right here in Kingston (well…in the Summer) who wanted to go so she did the driving. We proved to be comfy roomies…she wears ear plugs at night so my snoring wouldn’t have kept her awake!

Feung, me, Karen & Jackie at Friday night’s banquet & fashion show.

 Friday night was banquet and fashion show night and there was a lot to be shown, from shawls and scarves to sweaters and a lovely baby blanket, with lacy, hand manipulated alphabet letters all over it.

Karen modelling one of my cotton jackets.

Karen and Jackie modelled a couple of my jackets and I wore my ‘Coalman’ vest which I love. We got into the spirit of the evening and voted for the ones we liked best….Karen won second prize with her own knit!!!! She got $50 to spend so she got to spend Saturday shopping the vendors.

After the banquet Jackie (who came up from Florida) came up to our room where I went over Garment Designer with them for a while.

I love this…she wore a different saying each day!
‘God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return…courage to change the yarn I can….and the receipt to know the difference

We were short one instructor/vendor as  Cheryl Jiles was stuck in Colorado away from her home due to the recent floods….we all wish her well and back in her home soon.

Working hard in the weeks leading up to the seminar and with Karen’s help, I finished the pattern of ‘Fairground Fling’. Jackie modelled it in the fashion show. I sold all I had and then some so I look forward to the different interpretations of this design. I worked in sizes 8, 12 & 16 and am working on sizing for 20 as it is flattering for the fuller figure.

Back detail reminds me of fairground awnings.

Yes, I made matching buttons.

I’m working on some workshops closer to home and prior to Christmas…a felted Merino scarf anyone?

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