Stix and Stones II

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WeWell, the weekend in North Bay is over and I had a great time….and my friend Sonja was such a boon with helping out and just knowing what was needed (…like a coffee!).

I didn’t take any photos myself but I’ll get some from the ladies who took the Button Making Workshop on Saturday and the Machine Knitting workshop on Sunday. However I did take a little video of the ladies on Saturday later in the day of hours of working with the polymer clay to make buttons….and other things!

While sitting around Kathryn Brenne’s house sometime on the weekend Sonja and I had our iPad’s out (lucky duck got hers late and so has a 2), and I was showing her how to work it, and do different things. We were surfing and found this site which might be helpful to beginner machine knitters and other knitters in general…check it out:

Well, I always look forward to any photogaphs of finished work on a garment, sewn or knitted.

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  1. looks like everyone is enjoying the button making! good idea including the short video on your blog post.

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