Winter Workshop

This gang or women descended on my studio last weekend out of a blizzard (no… we’d planned it for just ages) and I tried to work their @!*’s off over the weekend on their knitting machines.

Carol (in red) supplied the fuel in the form of a marvelous manicotti -yum- which we ate on the Friday night, joined my husband who shovelled the driveway so they could park.

We decided on what to make and my job was to try to impart some knowledge and hints, tips and techniques on how to make them.

I managed to squeeze four machines in my studio and things went well, they worked so very hard, barely breaking for sustenance!!! Very admirable.

Using Garment Designer software we made patterns for each after measuring for slopers. Some folk can knit directly from a standard and some need resizing and tweaking to fit. I find that knitting a first garment shows you a lot when it’s done. I was lucky, my first was something that fit and I wear a lot but I’ve still had the odd one since, when trying to do a new shape, that I had to pull out sections or give it away and start again. The more you do the more you know your yarn/pattern/knitting machine/skill.

These brave girls drove home through Northern NY State in another blizzard but I’ve heard from them since and believe they’re all still alive!

I followed two days later through a blizzard to get to Syracuse airport to get to Palm Springs… I’ll post about that later.

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