PEI Seminar Trip Day 3 & 4

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Friday was a half day as Edith Scott would be showing up to set up at around 2pm, so I went down into Charlottetown. I have been here once before but didn’t get to mooch about on my own….something I love to do anyplace new. I found a huge cruise ship in the harbour just beyond the private boats….and lots of tourists. I met a couple from Tennessee!
Wandering around I got to enjoy the scenery of lots of little art shops with local work, coffee shops (picked up a latte) and 19th century architecture.
AB White introducing the seminar.

Time to get back, meet up with Edith and the rest of the ladies and set up my knitting machine and meet with the camera man who was setting up the video camera. Wow! I haven’t worked with a video before and how great it was that every tiny move I made was shown on a giant screen for all to see comfortably.   Here is AB introducing the seminar. We got started on Friday evening.

The group and my samples.

Saturday was a busy day with lots of information, demonstrations and trying new things. I think I got a few to go home and dig out their garter bars!

Lovely big screen!

Lovely Stripes by Jennifer Bridgehouse.
We had tables around for show and tell, I got to try on one in particular…(should have taken a photo) that was beautifully done in short rowing. I really liked this jacket done by Jennifer….I like stripes.

A few years ago AB helped me when I started to try ‘fulling’, and I started making collars and such using the washing machine to full the pieces I had knit. Now that I’m making felted jackets and vests I thought I’d show them to AB to show her how she influenced me. Here one of the participants is trying on a red jacket. This jacket is now in Pointe-Claire in L’ARTelier du Village with three knit jackets. Roxana has some wonderful work in her shop, some lovely designer wearable art clothing as well as fine art.

The seminar book – instructions, tips, info and my hand outs, were given out in a wonderful knit-weave tote back made my Edith, AB and other ladies of the Prince Edward Island Knitters Club. I never thought of doing this with knit weave…I got one too and I love it!
I also found someone who is making the stops for garter bars as Mary Ann Oger doesn’t have them any more.  They can be obtained from Lynn Laagland of Yarn Haven in  Hanwell, New Brunswick. Email: If you have a garter bar you need these.

I had such a great time hanging with the ladies from New Brusnwick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

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