Workshop News! 2010

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As I knit my way towards the One of a Kind show and Sale ~ in Toronto this year, first five days ~ the phone rings….is it library telling me I haven’t returned a book on CD (they found it eventually), a bill I’ve overlooked or good news?

Great news, I’m back teaching another week at Haliburton Summer School for the Arts next Summer.  It’ll be another great week of Machine Knitting and I’m so glad to be going back to the Highlands.

Last year I spent the first two days dealing with sponge bars that had breathed their last breaths long since!!!  Now that I’ve revived eight sponge bars in my own studio on my machines…. I’m prepared. It’s easy to do and this time I’ll have everyone prepared beforehand and we’ll be away to the races!

Machine Knitting at Haliburton School for the Arts 
August 9th – 13th 2010
Looking forward to seeing old and new faces.

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