Vintage Knitting Inspiration

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While surfing the net looking for inspiration I found this blog….

 I started to download the magazines and one by one and found so much of use and interest…even among the oversize, drop shouldered ’80’s fashions I downloaded them all.

I found a few things I want to make for myself, some neat instruction and information.

This white V necked ribbed pullover will be very smart for Spring and Fall. Perhaps out of a cotton acrylic blend, Cannele cotton? We’ll see. I think I’d do it using the Garter Carriage rather than use the ribber….never been very good with the ribber.

My husband, who was sitting next to me as I went through the mags glommed onto this one and said he even liked the gold colour….though he likes the lighter blue too. I think if I switch the colours it’ll look super…it’s a combination of Garter Carriage and Fairisle knit in patterning.

I really want to work this dress….but shorter to wear over pants as a ‘top’.

Working through the patterns – all included in the mags – I’ll have to figure out the yarns…do I have some similar? What sort of switches will I be making.

What fun to browse these mags and they’re not taking up any room on my studio shelves!

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