Etsy & the Fluctuating CAD!

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What to do…what to do! I’ve had an Etsy shop for years now and it’s done OK..and not OK but it’s a great way to have a shop attached to my web site and have it seen around the world. I know I’m competing in large market but rather that than not at all
My dilemma now is our fluctuating Canadian dollar, you see, Etsy is a US shop and all prices are automatically listed in US dollars, that’s been ok when our dollar was strong or on a par with the US dollar but now it’ plummets and I can’t keep up

I had my student look all around Etsy to see how I could change my listings to CAD so I could put accurate prices on and not have them blow out of proportion with the exchange. A couple of weeks ago I sat with the Currency Exchange site open on my iPad and listed my work with the US equivalent of my Canadian prices….OK so far but then the dollar plunged again.  The other day I took a look at a pair of socks, clicked on the little blue USD next to the price and found that my $65 socks which I had priced at $50something USD translated at over $71CAD!!!!!!!

Now I have changed everything to CAD but on my ‘dashboard’ where I create my listings….they are still listed in USD!!! Whew:

So you can see that I had to list my socks at $51USD to get them even close to CAD ($66.55)!!!!

I have 49 items on my shop…I’ve sometimes had over 60…do I have to go in each day and change my US prices to reflect the correct CAD?!

Last year the One of a Kind started an online shop of their own and as I decided to end my 30year relationship with the shows I purchased a ‘shop’. I started to work it but found the ‘shipping’ page to be ridiculous and haven’t returned. They had you having to price shipping to every item using Post Office standards and having to refer to that. I tried to plough my way through that and gave up…..

I think I’m going to look at the OOAK shop (and get my money’s worth before it expires) or maybe Zibbet.


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