Show Time! A New Year.

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Well, it’s that time of year for artists, artisans and craftspeople…time to send out those applications, forms and cheques to sign up for this year’s shows.

I wrote a post last year on my return to the Beach neighbourhood in Toronto, my old stomping grounds, to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  Thinking about the upcoming year and what to do I can breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t have the One Of a Kind show to stew over and decided to ask if I could be on the Beach Studio Tour again this year. A space came free so I high tailed it down to Toronto on Sunday for the first meeting of the 2015 Spring tour.

It was wonderful to be among these wonderful artists and crafts people again (they’re very rigorous about everyone’s participation) and as no one is allowed to sit back and wait I volunteered for one or two tasks.

I met new participants and old  and I’m so looking forward….I guess I’ll be burning up the 401 highway a few times this Spring.  Here’s a shot of the gang with some of their work (mine’s on my iPad!).

I had better start working on some new Spring designs and upgrading and updating my web site!

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