Fanfayr 08

Another Summer show over, barreling towards the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Toronto in a week… I’m in Booth 539 Turquoise Doing a show on home turf is nice, sleeping in your own bed, having friends to stay and staying up late talking of all sorts of things that you never get a chance to because you’re working so hard and live to far away. My friend Jannis nearly nodded off into her dinner but said she was having so much fun just doing nothing that though she should go to bed she didn’t want to! My husband who was playing a gig with his band came home and was in bed before we moved!!!

Margi, Jannis, Gordon, Johnathan,
Susan, Georgia, Ron & Patti, me.

This is a pic of us on beer and pizza night when instead of each of us heading to various restaurants we come back to our place and eat. Johnathan and his son Gordon (down the end of the table) pick up the pizza’s from Bubba’s and we each contribute wine, salads and whatever else is left over in our coolers from the day.

A lovely woman , Susan, who I met years ago from Syracuse usually comes up with her sweet doggy Tess, on pack up day and hangs out and helps us pack. We’re not very social then but this year she came up on pizza night so I was able to invite her back to join in. I was so pleased I could.

We had rain to contend with all weekend but it just shortened our days, didn’t put the total
kibosh on any of the days. I finally seem to be building up my stock and though I have a better selection I took mostly orders anyway!

Well, still can’t move very fast on my foot so I took out my bike and have been cycling. I biked downtown on Canada Day to sit with my parents in Confederation Park and listen to music. Then went biking yesterday morning for exercise as I can’t power walk for a while.

I found out today I can drive so I’m not dependent on DH for getting out. Stitches out tomorrow. Don’t know when I can start wearing my right shoes again but it will probably be my pink Crocs first!

…. gotta go knit!

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