So Much to Do…

Overlooking Confederation Park, Kingston

It’s Summer, how do I know? I haven’t the time to plant any more flowers because I must get ready for my two Summer shows.

First coming up this weekend is Fanfayr here in Kingston. I have done this one for years…since the last time I had short hair (early ’80’s), that’s how long this show has been on. We get to sleep in our own bed and my other half can go windsurfing or work on his own projects while I work in my booth. Then he pops down with delicious thick tuna sandwiches for my lunch. I get to have friends stay at my houses… Jannis Ruck who does a lovely line of clothing of her own design and Margi Laurin who has her ‘Altered Books’ and some of her beautiful pens decorated in polymer clay. My other polymer clay friend Georgia Ferrell will be in her booth next to mine, it’s always good to have a friend nearby for support and company over the weekend.

One of the reason I will need a little more company than usual is because I had my big toe operated on this morning. I think it’s been about 2 years thinking it was bunion, 2years to get an orthopedic appointment, then finding out it’s arthritis, 8 months waiting for surgery. I’m hobbling about on one of those lovely black rubber, nylon and Velcro walking shoes.

Well, now to hobble back to work….slowly.

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