Mesh & Knitted Treats

These two things came about because of Christmas … the first beforehand and the second was a little gift from my niece.

 I wanted to make some felted soaps as Christmas gifts and needed some mesh for the process. A colleague – Robert from Kingston Soap Co. said he had used mesh from a scrubby to hold the roving together around the soap so I found one to cut up.

It gave me a long tube of mesh of which I needed about six inches….there must be something useful to do with the rest…of course! Fruit/veg shopping bags. I had bought some in an Eco shop in our old neighbourhood in Toronto years ago and I have but one left…I cut lengths of this mesh and tied a knot in one end of each length of about 18″. Now I have washable, reusable bags to take with me when I shop for fruits & vegetables! Yeah.

I just had to share these little items which my niece got from one of her always resourceful friends. The little crocheted wreath went on my Norfolk Island pine tree, the little knitting basket will go in a special place in my studio.

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