Knitting Muse


How sweet is this? While mooching around the Buxton Village Books in the Outer Banks NC last week I found this Knitting Muse. They had a large one but after last year I’m on a tight budget so when I found this one in a card I had to have her. She’s made of metal, wire and beads with a ribbon around her waist. I’ll hang her somewhere in my studio.
She’s one of Laini’s Ladies but they had other ‘muses’ too.

Also while there I, of course, went to the neighbourhood Bead Shop and as well as restringing a couple of bracelets, making a new one of some stones I had been given by my lovely friend Rose I picked up some beads for my sweaters. A bag of ‘Bead Soup’ (my husband asked where they floor sweepings) has offered up some lovely ones too, sometimes bags of beads really don’t have much in that I want, like too many plastic beads, but these were glass and metal.

….and now back to work! Whew! Why are vacations so short!

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