Busy Christmas Season 2015

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Sheesh! It’s been a busy time this December….and there’s a tiny spanner in the works…my foot!
With arthritic big toes needing work I had my right one worked on in 2008 by Dr. Mark Harrison at Hotel Dieu Hospital here in Kingston. Now it was time to get my left toe worked on as it slowly worked it’s way into a diagonal direction on the end of my foot.

I spent the days before surgery getting all my standing up and running around stuff done. felting a vest for a client…I knew I could sew it together in a few days but felting is a standing process all day with me using my feet as well as my arms for the rolling.

Passionate Artisans

Having surgery is the only way I slow down so I actually looked forward to it. It also coincided with my friend Georgia Ferrell of Artemisia Gallery in Westport house sitting for a mutual friend across the road so she hung out with me when I got home and we worked online on web site designing and building. We’re experimenting with a new company and online software PageCloud…out of Ottawa. We bought in early and got the Beta trial version and have been ‘playing’. My sister Judith Goldie of Judi Goldie Photography needed a web site so we became a tech trio with emails flying through cyber space when we couldn’t actually be together! It’s a lot of fun and we’re learning new things….I plan to have my new web site up over the Winter. Georgia and I have been building web sites for years, my sis is new to this but is learning fast.

L’Artelier du Village

Also, I’ve been putting in a bit of time at Passionate Artisans here in Kingston…the artisan gallery/store where there is the work of 38 local artisans from Kingston Soap Company to Creations by Viviane. Yes…of course…ME! 

I also sent a batch of work to L’Artelier du Village in Pointe Claire where Roxana sells amazingly funky work of all kinds, art, fashion jewelry. Two things went flying out of the store soon after she opened the box I sent her!

Along with custom orders to finish I’ll be putting in some time at Passionate Artisans this weekend both days…but Sunday I will be taking in a knitting machine and demonstrating while I make some small item…(because you always make mistakes and slow yourself downs when being watched!).

I got myself involved with a suspect group: SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) which meets weekly in a local pub….right around the corner from me!!!1 What fun that is….as far a I can see… no rules!

I did spend a day doing buttons for my orders…here’s a shot of them with a vest that needs to go out today.

Well, now to the post office, Passionate Artisans and other errands….I still have my driving foot but then I need to get home and rest the poorly foot!

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